A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Knock mugs off of tables as cats in this hectic 2 player game. Made by Sam Sheffield (@samnotjohn) for Resist Jam '17


- This game plays in windowed mode.

- Match the displayed input to move your leg forward. Full set of controls are...
Player 1: L, B, E, Q
Player 2: P, U, C, A

*PROTIP: Use stickers or colored tape to mark player inputs on the keyboard. This will make the experience less frustrating (but still fun and confusing!)

- This is a 2 player game. You could play it by yourself, but it would be crazy boring!


KNOCK_IT_OFF_WIN_v1.0.zip 14 MB
KNOCK_IT_OFF_MAC_v1.0.zip 17 MB

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